While teaching Sikh History at our Gurdwara Sahib Sunday School I always used to wonder if I could have a “virtual library” at hand. Our teachers would often ask for reference material or articles they could refer to their students. There’s a lot of stuff available on the internet but not everything is genuine and based on the research done by the teacher was always different. We would end up sharing a lot of material over emails and shared documents. With new teachers coming in and repeating the whole experience was getting quite frustrating.

But a good thing that happened was that in 2-3 years we built a lot reference points including ebooks, websites, links, etc. And then this thought came up about sharing it with other fellow teachers. Enter TheSikhLibrary.

TheSikhLibrary app puts a lot of research/study literature related to Gurbani/History/Gurdwaras at your access. It let’s you stay up to date with Sikh issues/news from around the world.

“This is amazing. I start my day with looking at the app for latest information and blogs.” – Manpreet Singh, PA.

It is a one stop app to read Sikh news, blogs, Sikhi related social media feeds and upcoming events.

The app contains:
– Sikh News from around the world
– Social Feeds: From Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr
– Blogs: Feeds from popular Sikhi blogs
– Resources: Useful resources for Kids, research, and civil rights information
– Calendar: Upcoming Gurpurabs, events, etc. Most of the events are clickable and open up usable links and provide more information.
– eBooks: Various eBooks like Nitnem PDFs, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Darpan, Bhai Gurdas Ji Varaan, etc.

Please try the app on your Android phone today. The app can be downloaded from here.

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Some screenshots of the app:

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Social  Screenshot_2014-01-22-13-17-40  Nitnem